Mass Airflow Sensor: How to test

On the 2000 VW Passat it is failing, and the other weekend I replaced the plugs and cleaned the mass airflow sensor (MAF). Put it all back together and bam...Check Engine Light (CEL). Read more »

VW Passat Spring Install

This is a set of instructions sent to me by Nathan Kear. These instructions were originally written by James Finn and subsequently modified by Herman H, and Nathan Kear. The original instructions are for the removal and replacement of the springs and shocks. Read more »

Auto Buying Guide

This section is here to provide tips for buying your next Volkswagen. This is a living document so expect it to evolve with more details as time moves on and new tips are revealed. We will try to break this out by platform and if needed model to make the buying process tha much easier. Read more »